Food Testing

Types of Clients

Synergistic works with growers, packers, processors and shippers to test food and natural products for MRLs when exporting or importing, as part of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), and for FDA detentions.  Sampling services may be subcontracted with all coordination done by the lab upon request.  We also work with Universities, commodity commissions, chemical suppliers, and growers across the US doing research work to do our part to support agricultural industries.          

Types of Samples

We have tested produce and food products in many forms:  fresh, frozen, canned, brined, dried, powdered, juice, concentrate - you name it!  Also, we work with liquid and solid dietary supplements, natural products and food ingredients as our Multiresidue Screen covers most analytes on the USP <561> Articles of Botanical Origin list.

Amounts to Submit

Representative sampling is important for meaningful results.  Please contact us with any questions about how much sample we need, but here are some general guidelines:
  • fresh/IQF small fruits (berries, cherries), > pint sized zip lock bag
  • medium fruits/vegetables (apples, onions), > 2 lbs
  • canned/brined produce, > 16 oz
  • dried/powdered items, > 50g  
  • liquids, > 100 mL
We can composite for you and suggest limiting the number of subsamples to 5 or fewer.

Submitting Samples

Be sure to label the bag(s) and fill out a Chain of Custody form to send with the samples.  Include your contact info, sample ID, date sampled, the requested analyses, and sign/date the bottom.  You are welcome to drop them off in person or send for next day delivery via FedEx, UPS, or USPS.  If you ship them, please try to keep them cool/frozen.

New for 2015 - free courier service!  Please call a day ahead for pick up the following morning.

Turn Around Time (TAT)

Our regular TAT is 7 to 10 business days.  With prior arrangement, rush analysis may be available, especially for fresh commodities during harvest season.  Please contact us with all your rush work or regular testing requests!


Discounts may be available for larger quantities of samples.  Contact us for details.

Maximum Residue Levels (MRLs)

Our Multiresidue and Fruit Screens are designed not only to cover as many current use pesticides as possible, but to ensure our reporting limits are low enough to cover MRLs in various countries whenever possible.  We want you to be confident when shipping your product into a foreign market.     

As an additional way to help you keep track of your samples, we provide MRL Summary Spreadsheets that compare any detections to MRLs in countries of your choice.  The spreadsheets are sent along with the regular report and track all of your samples submitted on an annual basis for your reference.  This is a free service to you!

Micro and Nutritional Analyses

If you are looking for a one stop shop laboratory, we are happy to coordinate any analyses you may need with one of our partner labs in the area.  Contact us for more information about pricing, TAT, and how much sample to submit.